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Descendants of First LANDRUM in North Central Louisiana


Benton FROST

1Social Security-Frost, B.. "Benton Frost, SS#435-28-7767, Issue State: LA, Birth: 24 Sep 1922, Death: 28 Jan 1993, Last Known Residence: West Monroe, Louisiana 71292; Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 71292 Localities all in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana: Bawcomville, Brownsville, Cheniere, Lapine, Luna, Olinkraft, Siegle, West Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana.".

2Social Security-Frost, B..

1169. Melvin CAPLES

1Tombstone-Caples, M.S., Mt. Vernon Church Cemetery, Old Fenner Road, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. "Melvin S. Caples, October 7, 1918 and July 23, 1988; Sgt USAAC WW II.".

1226. Camilla Jo CAPLES

1Tombstone - Caples, C. J., Mt. Vernon Church Cemetery, Old Fenner Road, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. "Camilla Jo Caples July 6, 1947 & March 18, 1948.".

1170. I D CAPLES

1Social Security-Caples, ID. "I D Caples, SSN: 438-10-7256, Birth: February 17, 1921, Death: March 5, 2002, Issued: LA (before 1951), Residence/Last Benefit: 33417 West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida.".

Virginia A. KALLEVIG

1Social Security-Kallevig, V.A.. "Virginia K. Caples, SSN 477-18-2443, Issued: MN (before 1951), Born: July 22, 1925, Death: October 17, 1992, Residence: 55369 Osseo, Hennepin County, MN.".

1173. Alton Buford CAPLES

1Tombstone-Caples, A.B., Hasley Cememtery, West Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. "Alton Buford Caples, April 12, 1927 - March 9, 1964; La PFC USArmy WWII.".

1175. Mary Jo CAPLES

1Social Security-Caples, M.J.. "Mary Jo Hall, SSN 436-42-2840, Issued: LA (before 1951), Residence: 71241 Farmervile, Union Parish, Louisiana." Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 71241 Localities: Farmerville, Union, Louisiana Rocky Branch, Union, Louisiana.

Calvin Clenton FROST

1Social Security-Frost,C.C.. "Calvin Frost, SS#433-36-0375, Issue State: LA, Birth: 11 Oct 1923, Death: May 1967, Death State: LA, Last Know Residence: West Monroe, Louisiana 71291.".

2Social Security-Frost, C. C.. "Calvin Frost, SSN: 433-36-0375, Residence: 71291 West Monroe, Ouachita, LA, Born: 11 Oct 1923, Died: May 1967, Issued: LA (Before 1951). 71291 Localities: Cheniere, Ouachita, Louisiana; Claiborne, Ouachita, Louisiana; Cypress, Ouachita, Louisiana; Dean Chapel, Ouachita, Louisiana; Drew, Ouachita, Louisiana; Forest Park, Ouachita, Louisiana; Highland Park, Ouachita, Louisiana; Kiroli Woods, Ouachita, Louisiana; Olinkraft, Ouachita, Louisiana Splane Place, Ouachita, Louisiana; Wall Lake, Ouachita, Louisiana; West Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana.".

3Tombstone-Frost, C.C., Pleasant Valley Cemetery, La 837 and La 151, FrostTown, Louisiana. "Calvin C. Frost, Dates: October 11, 1924 and May 7, 1967, LaPFC560ComptSvcCoWWII.".